Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gift wrapping operation shifting to "foreign suppliers" and cutting 600 jobs in Memphis

Six hundred union workers at Cleo Inc. in Memphis, a company that makes gift wrap products and is owned by Pennsylvania-based CSS Industries, is shutting down and shifting to "foreign suppliers" to do the work, according to a company report.

As reported in the Memphis Commercial Appeal today, the company has been in Memphis since 1953 and has maintained a 1.75 million-square-foot plant in the city.

It also has a ribbon-making plant in Maryland, the only other unionized plant run by CSS.

This is yet another reason why workers have to organize on a global scale if they're going to hold on to their rights in today's global marketplace. They have to meet neo-liberal dogma with an ideology of their own that says workers have a right to be in a union and someday corporations are going to have no place to run away to that doesn't recognize that fundamental principle.

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