Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor South looking at Republican "czars" overseeing Democratic strongholds, and the rise of fast-food worker protests

Labor South is still on the watch although other writing duties have kept yours truly from posting recently.

Coming soon will be a look at a potential trend among conservative state political leaders to take over local entities that don't fit their preferred political profile.

We've seen this already with the state takeover of the city of Detroit, a city that granted has a lot of problems but which as a Democratic stronghold also makes a mighty juicy target for Republican pols. A recent warning from state officials in Tennessee that city leaders in Memphis better get their fiscal house in order raised concerns that Memphis could be another Detroit--another inviting target, that is.

More recently, students at City College of San Francisco have protested the possible loss of accreditation and shutdown of the school, popular for its low tuition and strong network of campus and community activists.  CCSF has an active teachers' union and a tradition of shared and democratic leadership. It has also been under attack by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. The state community colleges chancellor has designated a "czar" to oversee campus operations. These political entities question the college's budget decision-making, among other things.

Of course, another growing issue is the spreading protest by fast-food workers about their wages, a protest that has included several Southern cities.

Labor South will be taking a look. Keep posted.

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