Saturday, August 27, 2016

Americans: Facing a choice between the billionaire and the millionaire, and desperately needing a friend

It’s time for Labor South to check the nation’s temperature as we enter the Fall political season. The diagnosis? Blood pressure is up, people are nervous and they’re suffering from more than a little disillusionment. No surprise as they face a choice in November between a loud-mouthed billionaire demagogue and a long-compromised Wall Street insider-turned-“I feel your pain” Democrat for president.

(To the right, the billionaire (from Reuters' Lucas Jackson) and the millionaire)

A GenForward poll that was released this month shows that as many as 72 percent of young people in the country feel neither major political party is doing a good job looking out for their interests. This includes whites, Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans. The Democratic Party gets a little better numbers than the Republican Party, but neither can take much consolation. An Associated Press article on the poll noted that “Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton (are) the two least-popular presidential nominees in the history of modern polling.”

Young people have reason to be skeptical. Many are entering the workplace after college saddled with mind-boggling debt, the result of a political leadership that long ago lost interest in the post-World War II dream of a higher education system that can be a gateway to success for the non-millionaire class.

Both parties have also failed to push for an economy that means plentiful good jobs for those young people, embracing instead the neoliberal mantra of free trade and free flow of capital across borders. Trump’s speeches against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement are enough to make even a lefty like me stop and listen, but then I remember this is the guy who also demonizes the migrant workers caught in the trap of TPP-NAFTA-like agreements.

J.D. Vance, author of the recent book Hillbilly Legacy: A Memoir of Family and a Culture in Crisis, makes the case that poor white people are embracing Trump because they feel abandoned by both the Republican and Democratic parties. Yes, Trump may be a demagogue, but at least he is paying attention to them and their concerns. “Trump’s candidacy is music to their ears,” Vance told Ron Dreher of The American Conservative. “He criticizes the factories shipping overseas. His apocalyptic tone matches their lived experiences on the ground. He seems to love to annoy the elites, which is something a lot of people wish they could do but can’t because they lack a platform.”

Then there’s Hillary Clinton (net worth estimated at roughly $30 million to $45 million), once a champion of TPP who now says she opposes it. Her old buddy, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the quintessential Clinton insider, told POLITICO last month that she’ll switch again once the election’s over and support TPP. “Yes,” he said when asked if she’d switch. “Listen, she was in support of it. There were specific things in it she wants fixed.”

When a public outcry followed his comments, including a denial from the Clinton camp, McAuliffe did some of his own switching and insisted he only was saying what he wanted Clinton to do, not what she will do. Hmmmmm.

People wonder why the British rejected the European Union with their June “Brexit” vote. Racist anti-immigrant fools, many of my friends on the Left called them. Those friends seem to have no clue that the EU has become the flagship of neoliberalism today, a global economic policy that has been the prime mover in forcing people to migrate to other countries so they can find work and simply survive.

Oh, well. Bernie Sanders will never be president. The next president will either be a billionaire real-estate/casino magnate or a Wall Street-loving pol who pals around with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein when she’s not kissing babies on the campaign trail.

(To the left, my friend)

I think I need a friend to help me deal with my own high blood pressure, nervousness and disillusionment.  Old Jack Daniel’s, you haven’t failed me yet. Yet.

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